MDI Transportation
MDI Transportation delivers results your business can count on.
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MDI Transportation
Copier lease returns, competitive pricing, fast turnaround times, damage free delivery.
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Diverse Services
High value product shipping and copier lease returns.
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High value product shipping
MDI Transportation delivers not only a high value product but a high value promise.
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Friendly Staff
MDI Transportation's staff represents decades of experience and a dedication to excellence.
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High Value Product Shipping

MDI Transportation offers logistic solutions for high value products. You would be surprised what MDI can do for your business.

Let our team transport your most sensitive, expensive, and fragile goods. Keep peace of mind with MDI’s 40+ years of industry experience.

Our team has extensive knowledge in high value product shipping.

Copier Lease Returns

MDI Transportation offers extensive copier lease return solutions for leasing agents, dealers, and all businesses.

Our team assists organizations across the nation with pick-up and timely delivery of off-lease copiers.
With MDI Transportation, there is no hassle or worry about lease return deadlines.

Our team will de-install, pick-up, and transport your copier back to the leasing company, on time and damage free. That is our guarantee!

Dump Truck Services

MDI Transportation specializes in dump truck services and we offer:

  • Diverse fleet with steel and aluminum dump trailers
  • Experienced drivers with knowledge of all dump sites and quarries
  • Services available 24/7, 365 days a year

MDI Transportation will assist in every phase of the game. Call 1-866-439-8060 or email us today to request a free quote.